Interakt’s Users App allows you to view, analyze, group and interact with users of your app in real time to keep engaging them and make them happy.

Who is a user?

User is a customer to whom you offer your service and support. Interakt is designed to track users as they surf through your app in real time. You can find them based on their status and manage the details. Using the integrated CRM tool you can manage, categorize, communicate users by emails and via Live chat.

Interakt smartly categorizes users based on their status and activity.

  1. All: View all registered users and manage user details. You can sort users list based on default filters- time and user name etc.
  2. New: Learn about newly registered users. Check where they are from and their contact details.
  3. Active: This segment lists active users for the past four weeks.
  4. Slipping away: Be warned about the users you lose every month. The segment- “Slipping away” lists registered users who haven’t logged in the past 4 weeks.

Segmentize user base

A segment is a group of your users that you set. You can create segments using the available user filters or create segments with new names.

To create a segment

  1. Login to Interakt and navigate to Users.
  2. Select a group of users whom you want to segmentize.
  3. Look for the Image03 icon on the top, click that, give your new segment a name and hit Save.

Understanding User Funnels

User funnels help you to track how your users are progressing and the impact the various communication channels are having on them. Every project is given with two checkpoints by default and you are free to add three more.

Creating User Funnels

  1. Login to your Interakt account and navigate to Settings.
  2. Look for the option User funnels under Features.
  3. Give a title for your Checkpoint and enter a description.
  4. Based on different criteria, you can specify a factor and a condition
    • Column Name- major factors are user session, user agent and their location.
    • Condition Type- Specify a condition.
    • Condition Value- Provide a value to match the condition. If the column name is Browser, enter “Firefox”.
In the example scenario, I wanted to create a User funnel to segmentize and send periodic emails to the users who use Firefox browser.

Updating data for existing Checkpoints

  1. Login to your Interakt account and navigate to Settings.
  2. Look for the option User funnels under the features.
  3. Select the check point and update it. For example, you may want to change Condition value of the default checkpoint- Active
  4. Provide the value and hit Save to update changes.

How do I access User Profiles and their activity?

Interakt offers an advanced interface to review user profiles, send emails and start conversations in real time. The same is true for lead and their profile as well. To do this you just need to click on the name/email inside of Interakt and you are taken to the rich user profile.

How do I add a Note to User Profiles?

Agents can add notes to User Profiles. The same can be viewed by all agents and users themselves.

To add notes,

  1. Hover over the button + New on the top bar and click on Note from the dropdown menu.
  2. Add what you want and click Save Note.

Adding a Ticket

Agents can create tickets on behalf of customers. Take a look at this topic for directions on how to create Tickets manually.

Understanding User Emails

Interakt is designed to communicate with your users and help them in all the possible ways. You can interact with them by sending welcome emails, follow up occasionally and run email campaigns.

Based on different criteria, you can send emails or run automated and manual campaigns to engage with your customers.

Sending quick emails to users

Interakt allows you to communicate with your users/leads by sending an email. You can choose from pre-built templates or create your own to greet or make announcements to the selected users.

To send emails

  1. Select the users whom you want to send the email.
    Search box on the top right of your Users page helps you find a specific user and send an email individually.
  2. Look for the Send Email button on the top-left and click it.
  3. Choose a template, enter a subject and draft your email. You can choose a "reply to address" to show the recipient and specify an email id for BCC (sends a copy).
  4. Hit Send Email

Search Users on the top right of your Users page helps you find a specific user.

How do I delete a User?

To delete a user from your Interakt Project:

  1. Open the user profile whom you want to delete.
  2. Look for the bin icon at the top and click it.
User Filters

Filtering helps you view a list of users based on criteria that match/don't match.

When you enter or choose a filter, the list on the right reloads and displays users that directly match your requirements. You can also select multiple filters at the same time and drill down deep to find what you are looking for.

Filters What we get
email Email id associated with User profiles
name Full name of registered users
first_name First name of your registered users
last_name Last name of your registered users
signed_up_at Time of registration
last_seen Users who logged in lastly
last_contacted Users who contacted you recently
gender Registered user’s gender
city Name of the city logged in from
country User’s country
region Region where user(s) logged in from
browser Browser used by users to access Interakt
os Operating system used by logged in users
ip User’s IP
utm_source Tracks the source that sends you visits. It tells you what site the visitor originally came from
utm_medium Tracks the advertising medium. It tells you what original medium was used to send the link
utm_content Track “call to action” links
referrer URL of the page that redirected users to Interakt
The system will also include any custom field that you have included. For example, transaction_id.

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