Orders App was designed to supercharge your eCommerce store to capture order data from your store, analyze them to segment and engage your users in every possible way. This is infact the only integration you need for your store.

Orders is available only for Shopify users and we are planning to support more.

Once you install Shopify App, you will get access to Interakt’s Centralized Orders App dedicated to your eCommerce store’s orders.

Using the “Orders” page, you can:

  1. View all your customer orders and check their statuses right through Interakt.
  2. View number of orders and Lifetime Value of each customer on their profiles.
  3. Show order summary on User Timeline.
  4. Send emails based on order values.
  5. Run campaigns related to Shopify orders. For example, notify the customers about their products abandoned in the cart.

Order statuses

You can browse through orders based on their status.


Filtering helps you view a list of orders based on criteria that match/don't match.

When you enter or choose a filter, the list on the right reloads and displays orders that directly match your requirements. You can also select multiple filters at the same time and drill down deep to find what you are looking for.

Filters What we get
abandoned_checkout_url Unique URL of the abandoned checkout
completed_at Time & Date on which you completed the order
currency Currency in which the payment is made
discount_codes promo code entered to avail discount
email Email id associated with the order
gateway Payment gateway used to order the product
order_id Unique id given to the order
taxes_included Taxes levied
total_discounts Total discounts applied to the order
total_price Total amount paid
total_tax Total tax levied upon the order
total_weight Total weight of ordered products

Feel free to connect in case of issues at support@interakt.co

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