Interakt Notifications App was designed to announce news, advertise products and publicize your promo offers on your homepage. The App helps you build customizable & trackable web notifications targeting your entire customer base or visitors.

Why Notifications

Notifications help you improve conversion rate by telling the visitors what can be done next, get subscribers, offer promos and more.

Web Notifications

Creating Notifications

Agents can setup a notification choosing from pre-defined goals, design, and define whom to target. For example, you can promote your Mobile app targeting visitors with Android devices from New York.

You are welcome to select and customize a predesigned template or build from scratch using bootstrap layouts. To create, open the "Notifications" app from the primary nav and click New Notification on the top right and follow our notification creation wizard.

Create notifications by customizing a pre-designed template

Interakt lets you create notifications by customizing predesigned templates without limitations in any subscription plans. Each goal will have its own set of templates and agents can enable or disable features as they would like.

  1. Choose a Goal: You are free to choose from four pre-specified goals. In this example, I want to show a plain-text notification with a button linking my promotions page so I've chosen Goal #2, i.e., "Direct audience to a page/action".
  2. Design: Interakt offers several templates for you to choose in order to match the app design & purpose of the announcement. Pick a design and preview before getting started.

  3. Customize: Personalize your Popup notification as you wish

    Predesigned templates have their own content to help you preview before getting started with them. You can enable or disable notification components just by clicking anywhere on the preview and start customizing them.

    1. Title/Header Text: Click on the sample text to replace with your own.
    2. Message Text: These messages are just for preview purpose and you can always customize them.
    3. Image: Choose an image file to upload. Make sure "Use as background image" is enabled if you want to show the image in the background.
    4. For best experience across devices please avoid using tall images.
    5. Background Color: Choose a color for the background that fits well for your web page if you don't have an image.
    6. Background Border: You may need to change border color. In this example, I used the same color for both the background and its border.

  4. Targeting:Give the notification a name and select audience. Make use of advanced options if you want to target audience from specific location with certain user-agents.
    1. Basic
      1. Notification Name: Give it a name
      2. Show Notification to: Select a segment of users to whom you want to show Notification. By default, "Users & Visitors" is selected and the notification will be viewable to everyone.
      3. Show On: Tell the system when to display the notification. Choose a time or a particular event to show. The default option is “Show on load”. Show-notificationWhen-to-show
        Available options to choose from:
        • Show on load: Select this if you want notifications to appear when the page loads.
        • Show in 5 Seconds: This shows the notification after 5 seconds of the page visit.
        • Show in 10 Seconds: Choose this if you want to display after 10 seconds.
        • Show in 15 Seconds: Shows notification in the 16th second after visiting the page.
        • On Page Exit/Leave: Unveils notification when the visitor/user attempts to leave the Page.
    2. Advanced
      1. Show on Specific Pages: Turn on this option to enter URL of the target page as a condition
      2. Target a GEO Location: Enable this option if you want to restrict notifications to a specific location
      3. Target Specific Browser: Select browsers to target
      4. Target Specific Device: Show notifications only on selected devices
      5. Target Operating System: Restrict notifications to users with specified operating systems

  5. Review:Review if everything is done and hit "Save".

Make sure to enable the notification you just created. For that, look for "Start Notification" on the top left and click the button.

Building notifications from scratch

Interakt lets you build notification from scratch. For that, you just click the tab "Building from scratch" under Design, i.e., step #2.

Notification Layouts

Interakt has 10 layouts that help you create notifications from scratch. Available types are: “Bar Top”, “Big Bar Top”, “Bar Bottom”, “Big Bar Bottom”, “Top Left Bubble”, “Top Right Bubble”, “Bottom Left Bubble”, “Bottom Right Bubble”, “Pop Up”, “Full Page”.

Setting up a Goal

Make an announcement

It's the simplest style. Choose this if your goal is to inform about something or spread a word.

To create a notification using this style:

Direct audience to a page/action

This lets you add an external link, for example, you can link your product page or simply a blog post. To create,

Collect visitor's emails/gather subscriptions

This lets you collect visitor email addresses. The email ids are automatically converted into leads and members can track their status under the Leads app.

Configuring Notifications to capture leads:

  1. Click on "Collect visitor's emails/gather subscriptions"
  2. Enter Header & Message text, upload your logo and write a short description. You are free to change the background and customize buttons.

Increase social media conversion

Interakt allows you to link 3 popular social networks so you can direct visitors/users to your social profiles to increase conversions.

Adding Social Network profiles:

  1. Select "Increase social media conversion"
  2. Choose a design of your choice
  3. Click on the Facebook icon and enter your username. You can proceed linking Twitter and Google+ profiles by enabling them.


Sample use cases:


Visitors can hide notifications by clicking on close/exit button at anytime


Notification bubble floats on your web page. This looks nice to show a notification with a timeout set alongside the top bar.


Present a popup notification, to offer visitors/users with something to do instantly. For example, tell them about your beta app and let them download it.

Full Page

Show a notification page wide with a graphic to convey the message visibly attractive.


Notification Analytics

Interakt summarizes your notifications under “Notification Summary” with analytics. You can view them in detailed to check how many views and hits they got. This analytics are very useful if you run a campaign or a promotion and use notifications to spread a word about it.

To access the analytics:

  1. Click figures at the right of the notification settings page to open Notification Stats.
  2. You can see detailed stats categorized as Views and Clicks.
  3. Views: The figure under “Views” indicate how many users and visitors your notification had. By clicking on the figure under “Views” you can see who viewed the notifications.
  4. Clicks: Learn how many times a particular link has been clicked and who visited the page you linked.

Stop a Notification

To stop a notification, look for the option Stop notification on the top of your notification page and click that.

Re-broadcast Notifications

Interakt lets you rebroadcast the notification when you made a change or if you want your visitors to be alerted with an updated version of your notification.

For that, look for the option Re-broadcast at the top and click that. Hit Ok to confirm.

Editing Notifications

Interakt enables you to edit notifications anytime you want.

To edit a notification,

Deleting Notifications

To delete a notification, look for the option Delete at the top and click that. Hit Ok to confirm.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications help you reach users real time even when the user is not actively using your website or app. Desktop users can see notifications on a corner of their screen as per browser configuration.

On mobile devices, when a device receives a push notification, your icon, and a message appears in the status bar.

Configuring Push Notifications

A. Enable Push Notifications

Push Notifications can easily be created with minimal configuration. To enable,

  1. Go to Project Settings and click on Notifications Settings
  2. In the Notification Settings page, look for "Enable Push Settings" and check it

B. Setting up permissions

Push notifications will require your users permission before showing. This can be customized and previewed under Setup Permission Box:

  1. Enter the message that you want to show
  2. Upload your icon

C. Specify a URL for your permissions page

Once the users click on "Allow" in the permission box they will be redirected to this page for approval.

Make sure you click Save after updating the configuration

Create and Manage Notifications

Creating Notifications

To create,

  1. UTM Parameters: These are tags added to a URL — when your link is clicked, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics and tracked.
  2. With UTM parameters enabled, you can tag your links to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify the best ways to drive more visitors to your website. Supported UTM parameters are- Source, Medium and Campaign

Sending Push Notifications

New notifications can be pushed just by clicking on Send Notification

Click Resend Notification to push a notification that you already sent

Editing Push Notifications

You can edit Push Notifications at anytime by clicking on Edit. For that,

  1. Click Edit on the top right
  2. Update data and click Save Notification

Deleting Push Notifications

You can delete Push Notifications just by clicking Delete on the top right.

Feel free to connect in case of issues at

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