Overview of Interakt

Interakt was designed to bring the various interaction tools together, so it simplifies all your customer engagement chaos and neatly organizes everything in 1 central dashboard. Interakt can be broken down into 8 different apps which are interconnected at their very core, but are separated so beautifully on the front, so it becomes easy to manage. You may also have your separate teams manage different apps if you want to.

The eight different apps are outlined below and can be opened from the left navigation.

  1. Leads
  2. Users
  3. Orders
  4. Emails
  5. Notifications
  6. Chats
  7. Helpdesk
  8. FAQ


A Lead is the identification of a person/company who has an interest and authority to purchase your product or service. Leads are sales opportunities gathered via advertisements, direct marketing, internet marketing and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.

Interakt’s integrated CRM is designed to offer a full fledged lead management solution for businesses. The app "Leads" collects and saves the details of individual prospects who are interested in a product or service you provide. Once the lead is qualified it can be converted into a sales opportunity.


Users are customers who have signed up for your product or service.

Interakt is designed to track users as they surf through your app in real time. You can find them based on their status and manage the details. Using the integrated CRM tool you can manage, segment and communicate with users by emails, notifications and live chat.


Interakt is designed to communicate with your users and help them in all the possible ways. You can interact with them by sending welcome emails, followup occasionally and run email campaigns.

Based on different criteria, you can send emails or run automated and manual campaigns for a segment of users so that you can engage them accordingly.


Orders App was designed to supercharge your eCommerce store to capture order data from your store, analyze them to segment and engage your users in every possible way. This is infact the only integration you need for your store.


Interakt offers you an advanced chat app for Live Support where you can answer customer queries in real time. Your clients may approach your agents directly and get a quick solution for their problems.

With the live chat option you can ping visitors and users while they are on your website and start a conversation to help them.

See the Pen Interakt Notifications by Ashok (@asshu) on CodePen.


Interakt helps you embed a notification bar on top your websites to collect leads, advertise an offer or make announcements.

Interakt “notifications” help you improve your conversion rate by telling the visitors what can be done next, get subscribers and more.

See the Pen Interakt Notifications by Ashok (@asshu) on CodePen.


Collect feedback and accept support queries in an easier way. Interakt offers Helpdesk & Feedback widget that allows your visitors/customers to contact you directly.

Also, you can route emails sent to your support mail address, e.g., support@yourdomain.com to Interakt Helpdesk. All these requests will be converted into tickets and your support staff can keep track of them within the helpdesk.

See the Pen Interakt Notifications by Ashok (@asshu) on CodePen


Support customers across web & mobile while you sleep with a custom branded FAQ page.

Answers from FAQ can be inserted into ticket responses and chat conversations while you chat.

Feel free to connect in case of issues at support@interakt.co

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