SpreeCommerce Integration

SpreeCommerce is an opensource Ecommerce platform that allows you to create online stores. Interakt integrates seamlessly with your SpreeCommerce website to communicate with your customers. Using our SpreeCommerce gem you can manage customer data, send them automated and manual emails and provide live support.


  1. Account on Interakt (You can start for free).

  2. Project in Interakt to which the Data needs to be imported.

Step 1 - Get Interakt App Id and Api Keys.

  1. Log into your Interakt account and select the project you want to integrate with, if not create its free.

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > SpreeCommerce

  3. Copy the App Id, Api Key it is required for configuration.

Step 2 - Installation

  1. Add our gem spree_interakt in your Gemfile.

    gem 'spree_interakt', :git => 'https://github.com/fizzysoftware/spree_interakt.git'
  2. Bundle your dependencies.

    bundle install
  3. Run the installation generator. Replace app_id and api_key copied from Interakt.

    bundle exec rails g spree_interakt:install APP_ID API_KEY
  4. Command to Start Interakt Integration.

    RAILS_ENV=production rake interakt:start

Feel free to connect in case of issues support@interakt.co