Magento Integration

Magento is an open source CMS for eCommerce that allows you to run online stores. Interakt seamlessly integrates with Magento. The integration allows you to manage your customer data and connect with them via automated emails, manual emails and live support. Going forward, we will have a lot more features and tools to make Magento more awesome for you.

Pre Requisites

  1. An Admin account to access your Magento dashboard

  2. Account on Interakt (you can start for free)

Step 1 - Getting Extension Key

  1. Open Interakt Extension page on Magento

  2. Hit "Install Now" and then click on Get Extension Key

  3. Select the key and copy to your clipboard using CTRL+C

Step 2 - Finish Installing Interakt Extension for Magento

  1. Login to admin panel of your Magento installation

  2. Click on System from menu bar and click Magento Connect and then "Magento Connect Manager" from submenu

  3. Enter your admin credentials and when it redirects to the login page

  4. Paste Magento key in given text area and then click Install

Step 3 - Interakt App Id.

  1. In a new browser window or tab, log into your Interakt account and select the project you want to integrate with. Create a new project if you don't have one already.

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Magento

  3. Copy the App Id, it is required for configuration.

Step 4 - Configure Interakt

  1. Go back to the admin panel of your Magento site

  2. Click System from menu bar and then click "Configuration"

  3. Click on Interakt app from configuration panel from the sidebar

  4. Paste the App Id you copied from Interakt and click "Save Config".

  5. VoilĂ ! Integration with Magento is now complete and your application will start sending data to Interakt.

  6. Userbase can be synced to Interakt just by clicking on Sync User

Feel free to connect in case of issues at