Heroku Integration

Integrate Interakt with Heroku using our add-on. Interakt seamlessly integrates with Heroku and it helps you to communicate with your customers. Using our Heroku add-on you can manage customer data, send them automated and manual emails and provide live support.


Install interakt addon for Heroku through marketplace or through command line. It is free to get started.

heroku addons:add interakt

Your account will be automatically created with tmp password.

Once Interakt has been added an INTERAKT_APP_ID setting will be available in the app configuration, you will include this in the Interakt javascript snippet to identify your app. This can be confirmed using the heroku config:get command.


Data Integration (All Platforms)

Now, your Interakt account is ready but you still need to send data of your application to interakt platform. To start sending Data, you can choose from a lot of third party services.

  1. Go to http://interakt.co/projects/XXXXXXXXXX/install_code section.

  2. We provide integration support for various popular platforms/languages. You can integrate with them to get started quickly.

  3. Select the platform/language of your choice.

Importing Old Data (Ruby on Rails 3.x)

If you want to import existing data into interakt project for your Ruby on Rails app.

  1. Go to http://interakt.co/projects/XXXXXXXXXX/send_data section.

Removing the add-on

Interakt can be removed via the CLI.

heroku addons:remove interakt

You will be sent an email with deprovisioning process.

Feel free to connect in case of issues at support@interakt.co