Cloudflare Integration

Interakt allows you to communicate with your customers. An App to integrate Interakt is available at Cloudflare app-store and with the integration you can manage customer data, send them automated and manual emails and provide live support.


  1. Go to Cloudflare apps page.

  2. Search for Interakt app and click on Setup.

  3. We will provision your account and send your account details.

Data Integration (All Platforms)

Now, your Interakt account is ready but you still need to send data of your application to Interakt platform. To start sending Data, you can choose from a lot of third party services.

  1. Create new Project, if not done already.

  2. Go to section.

  3. We provide integrations with a number of services for various platforms and languages.

  4. Refer to docs/instructions provided for platform/language of your choice.

Importing Old Data (Ruby on Rails 3.x)

If you want to import existing data into interakt project for your Ruby on Rails app.

  1. Go to section.

Feel free to connect in case of issues at