Interakt supports almost all the major programming languages and the process is a simple copy & paste of a few lines of javascript code in your app.


Step 1 - Add Interakt's small JavaScript snippet

  1. Login to your Interakt account and click Settings
  2. Click Integrate on the left menu and copy Interakt's main JavaScript snippet under the tab “Manual Integration” .
  3. Open the source code of your app and find the main tag, or the page where your app generates dynamic user data.
  4. Paste the copied code just before </body> tag.

Step 2 - Add Interakt's data capturing JavaScript snippet

  1. Choose a programming language of your app/website under the block “Step 2”.
  2. Copy Interakt's data capturing JavaScript snippet that helps track user data for your app. You will get a similar code for the app of your preferred language
  3. Paste the copied tracking code just before </body> tag.It will look like the image below for a Ruby App.

Step 3 - Update code to send user data.

  1. Replace the code in //TODO comments with dynamic variables to start sending user data. Our guide on how to get user & order data will help you update tracking code
  2. Deploy the code and you will start seeing data in Interakt as soon as you or your users start using your app.

Step 4 - Start seeing data to capture, engage & retain everyone

Once you integrate Interakt completely you will be able to enable chat, helpdesk widget and publish notifications. Create lead & user segments and send them relevant emails.

Data related to purchases can be viewed under Orders.

Feel free to connect with us in case of any issues on

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