What is Interakt?

“Interakt is an All-In-One customer engagement platform, that brings lead capture, user data, email automation, live chat, web notifications and helpdesk under one dashboard.”

Capture & Nurture Leads

Import Previous Leads

Seamlessly import all your leads in csv and xls formats. This ensures no loss of data.

Add Leads Manually

Manually add new leads so that you don’t misplace leads at any point of time.

Capture Leads Using Forms

In order to capture leads you can also use the various forms we provide.

Collect Leads with Other Integrations

Integrate with your existing tools via Zapier. This will help you import lead data automatically into Interakt without wasting any time.

Create Segments of your Leads

Once you collect your leads, categorize or segment them based on various data values, saving a lot of time and effort.

Connect with Leads through Emails

Connect with either individual leads, segments of your leads or all of your leads via manual and automatic emails.


View & Analyze User Data

Capture Real Time Session Data

Track users as they surf through your app in real time.

Create User Segments

Based on different criteria, segment your users so that you can engage them accordingly.

Send Messages to Individual Users

Send messages to your users depending on the data you previously tracked.

Data Rich Profiles for Every User

Access valuable user information from social media sources and data sent by your app to better understand your users.

Track Progress of Users through Funnels

Create funnels and use them to track how your users are progressing and the impact the various communication channels are having on them.

Interaction History of Email, Chat, and Others

View email history, chat history and other data so that you always have a record of what did and didn’t work in the past.

Powerful Email Marketing Automation Tools

Custom Email Templates

Pre-built email templates for you to use to connect with your users. You can also create your own templates and save them.

Send Automated Emails

Schedule emails or create automated emails and send them to your users whenever needed.

Trigger Manual Emails

Trigger manual emails as and when required such as a confirmatory email upon completing an order.

Email your Leads

Email your leads and interact with them so as to understand them and to improve conversion rates.

Send Transactional Emails

You can also send transactional emails using our app and add categories to the sent emails so that the email activity of your app is easy to track.

View Email Campaign Stats

Interakt features the stats of your campaign so that you can analyze the impact and use that data to improve when you start your next email campaign.


Inform users with Live Notifications

No Set Up Required

Notifications are ready to go once you integrate our javascript.

Make Announcements

Make announcements in order to keep your users updated.

Target Notifications Based on Segments

You can push notifications to specific segments of your users based on relevance and requirement with Interakt.

Easy to Customize

Notifications are easily customizable, enabling you to give your own personal touch to them.

Multiple Display Styles

Interakt provides plenty of display styles for you to choose from in order to match the theme of your business and your website.

Track the Impact of your Notifications

Track how well your notifications are doing so that you make changes accordingly.

Engage your Visitors with Live Chat

No Set Up Required

You can use Interakt Live Chat immediately since it is already installed. The only thing you have to do is enable chat from the chat dashboard.

Engage with Visitors on your Site

With the live chat option you can ping a user while he is on your website and start a conversation to help him or her.

Provide Support to Current Users

This feature also enables you to provide direct support to your users so that you save time and improve customer happiness.

Easy Widget Customization

You also have the flexibility to customize the message and the theme of the chat widget according to your preferences so that the widget is perfect for your app.

Alerts for New Visitors and Chats

The Interakt Live Chat feature will alert you the moment you have new visitors or when a user wants to chat with you so that you don’t miss out at any point of time.

Smart Offline Mode

If your agents are really busy and you'd like to hold off chat for a certain period of time you can choose the smart off-line mode and collect questions for you while you are off-line.

View Chat History

We save the chat history of all users so that you go back and refer as and when needed.


Support your customers

No Set Up Required

Helpdesk & feedback widget is ready to go once you integrate our javascript.

Route support emails to Interakt

You can forward your support emails to our simple helpdesk system to delight your customers with awesome and powerful customer support.

Collect Feedback Based on Segments

You can collect targeted feedback by enabling the feedback widget for a segment or everyone.

View Feedback Results

Finally, you can use Interakt to check all the feedback results and to improvise accordingly so that you can retain and support your users.