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Interakt's Superpowers

See how you store benefits from Interakt
“Interakt brings everything and everyone closer to each other, it acts like a central dashboard and an interaction hub between you and your users. This is the last thing you need for Engagement.”

Capture new customers

Capturing new customers is essential for any business. Interakt comes with a whole suite of tools to let you capture visitors and covert them into paying customers.

Answer queries with feedback widget and make them heard to futher their trust.
Send out luring offers to bouncing visitors using exit notifications that interest them.
Segment leads to futher connect with them, undestand them better.
Send out personalized offer emails to further interest them in your product.
The visitor loves the personalization he is getting and he buys from you.

Engage existing customers

Getting new customers is one thing but engaging customers once they are on board is just as crucial. Interakt lets you engage the exising customers so they always comes back to you.

Interakt creates a rich user profile based on interactions and orders.
Create smart customer & order segments to intelligently engage them.
Send out luring offers to returning visitors using live notifications to keep them buying.
Send out personalized offer emails to bring them back to your shop and sell more.

Retain everyone

Customer retention is one of the most indespensible tasks to take care of. With interakt's superpowers the process is not only simplified but automated.

Better understand customers with a rich user & order profile to support and connect.
Support customers with robust, intelligent and customizable live chat.
Route customer support tickets to interakt and retire your conventional complex helpdesk systems.

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