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Interakt vs Mailchimp

A suite of essential addons make interakt a go to tool for engagement and marketing.


Do more than email with one account

Engage, Nurture and Grow

Interakt is a complete customer engagement tool with built-in applications to capture new leads, engage all your visitors and customers and support them with various marketing apps in a single tool. Reducing your overall time, efforts and money.

Effective & Efficient

Deliverability rates and spams are the most looked after specs in email marketing and Interakt aces them both with 0% spam rates and a delivery rate of 99.9%. With its advanced engagement and support applications, you also have an effective e-mail marketing application teamed up, with 50+ custom templates and an intuitive drag-drop editor to ease your e-mail creation and automation.

Pay Once

Unlike Mailchimp, which is just a stand-alone e-mail marketing and automation tool, Interakt doesn’t need integrations with other tools and platforms as it comes packed with its own customer engagement, retention and support apps. You’ll just have to pay once for e-mail marketing and automation, Live-Chat, web notifications, helpdesk ticketing system, Knowledgebase.

Features comparison at a glance

Features Interakt Mailchimp
Multi Channel
  • Live Chat
  • Notifications
  • Email Marketing
  • Helpdesk
  • FAQ
Single Channel
  • Email Marketing
Type of Plan


Per person/subscriber

Build in Integrations

All apps are integrated with each other

Dependent on External Apps

3rd Party Integrations required.

Subscriptions and Plans

Send emailt to 50,000+ leads/users


Limited to 5000 subscribers only.

Delivery Control
Standard in every plan

Spam Check & Inbox Preview


Available as a pro Add On

Action based Responders

   Standard in every plan

  Only in paid plans

Email Templates



Drag Drop Editor

Marketing Automation


   Only in paid plans

360º Contact View

   With advanced user timeline

Customer Segmentation


   Only in paid plans

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