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Interakt vs GrooveHQ

A suite of essential addons make interakt a go to tool for engagement and marketing.


Why just support, Engage

More of engagement, less of just support

Interakt does way more than just successfully close helpdesk tickets and providing exceptional customer support. It’s an all in one customer engagement platform which lets you send automated and manual emails, show web notifications, support with Live-Chat and Helpdesk or even create your own Self-Help page or your business.

Simpler than the simplest!

Making just a simple helpdesk is one thing, making all the customer engagement and support apps simple and making sure that they all run smoothly is an entirely different game! With Interakt, you get a simple and easy UI for all its apps. Learn one app and you will automatically master them all!


With Interakt, you will forget about integrations. You have all that you need to successfully engage, nurture and support your customers under one single platform. Integrated as one, working together as a team!

Features comparison at a glance

Features Interakt GrooveHQ
Multi Channel
  • Live Chat
  • Notifications
  • Email Marketing
  • Helpdesk
  • FAQ
Single Channel
  • Helpdesk only

Built-in integrations

3rd party integrations required for other tools

Detailed customer profiles


   Starts at $15/m

Auto Responders

Live Chat

   Built In & Free

   Integration with external Live-Chat tool Required

Feedback Widget



   Starts at $15/month

Analytical Dashboard


   Starts at $15/month

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