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Interakt Notifications

Notifications that Engage

Smart notifications that convert

  • Announce new features and offers.

    Make announcements, share offers and increase social reach.

  • Notify the right users, in the right place, at the right time.

    Trigger notifications to a targeted audience based on their platform, location and others.

  • Turn abandoning visitor into potental revenue.

    Trigger notifications on page load, after a few seconds or even on page exit/leave.

We know you will love this feature so go ahead and give it a try.

Send Notifications to increase revenue

Trigger notification

Send the right notification, to the right user at the right time.

Set triggers

Set triggers like time spent on a page or even page exit, page visited and a lot others.

Define Notification Goals

Choose between different goals like divert traffic to category page or social media, capture contact details or just display a message.


Create Notifications with ease

Notifications Galore

Choose from number of pre-built notification templates.

Variety of layouts

Choose from variety of layouts like Bubble type, Pop-Ups, Blockers and a lot more.

Notification Builder

Create notification using a simple do-it-yourself rich text editor.

Upload or Code your own

Choose from variety of layouts like Bubble type, Pop-Ups, Blockers and a lot more.

Announce better

Expand your reach

Share your social profiles and increase outreach.

Target Users

Segment users based on different criterias and send notifications accordingly.

Capture Attention and Leads

Notifications are fast, use them to deliver quick information to visitors and capture more leads.

Boost sales

Announce exclusive deals with our exit-intent notifications.


Review, Analyze and Optimize

CTR Monitoring

Choose from number of pre-built notification templates.

Detailed statistics

Get real-time statistics of notification and decide your future marketing efforts with detailed stats for each sent notification.

Grow your list

Grow your list and convert leads to users and users to paying customers.

Power Ups

Notification Builder

Create self-designed informational notifications.

Choose target audience

Segment users and choose your target audience.

Stats and CTR monitoring

Monitor important statistics.

Display rules

Set your own rules with the display of your notifications.

Customizable links

Add customized links according to your needs.

Ready made templates

Engage better with professionally pre-built templates.

Super fast loading times

Notifications loads in a jiffy without any lag.

Queued Notifications

Show multiple notifications one after the other.

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