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Live Chat

Interakt Live Chat

Support & Engage like never before

Live Chat on Steroids

  • Talk to your customer in real-time.

    Provide instant support to your users and visitors and Interakt on the go.

  • Proactively start targeted chats.

    Grab attention by sending targeted messages based on pages and time spent.

  • Provide personalized service.

    Always know your customers before replying to the chats with out powerful lead/user info.

Interakt chat supports multiple chat agents and an offline mode so you never miss a message from your visitors/users.

Blazing fast Chat

Canned responses

Support faster with canned responses.

Exchange Docs and Images

Share relevant documents and images.

Chat Triggers

Send automated messages based on time spent or page visited.

Live Profile

Provide seamless support by knowing your visitors while supporting them.


Multi-functional Support

Smart Offline mode

Get all your offline messages as support tickets in your Helpdesk.

Spell Check

Ensure grammatically correct responses.

Operating Hours

Set Operating Hours to automatically go offline.

Customizable widget

Choose from various themes according to your taste.

Increase conversions

Capture new Leads

Enable customizable pre-chat form to capture more leads.

Send Automated Replies

Send customized auto-reply messages after receiving the first message from visitors.

Create new Leads

Save a new lead while chatting to nurture them with automated campaigns.


Streamlined support

More satisfied customers

Customers love it when they get instant support.

Support On-the-Go

Chat live with on-site visitors through your mobile at your own comfort.

Multiple Agent support

Ask your team-mates to chat with visitors or users, in case you need help.

Power Ups

Customer Profile

Engage better with a full customer live profile displayed right in front of you.

Track Visitor Information

Tracks all visitor information, while you chat to enhance their support experience.

Automated Chat Triggers

Send Automated Chat-Messages, to let your users and visitors know that you are there for them.

Capture Contact Details

Capture more leads by enabling pre-chat forms.

Spell check

Automatically checks spellings for grammatically correct support.

Set Operating Hours

Smart shift modes to go offline automatically.

Chat History

Automatically save all previous chat history, and find all that information right with you when your visitors or users return on chat.

Support On-The-Go

Support right from the comfort of your mobile phone.

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