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Interakt Helpdesk

Helpdesk so simple it is hard to explain

Supporting was never this easy

  • Make it easy for customers to get support.

    Provide support via feedback widget and emails and set auto-responders to let them know you are working on it.

  • Customer self-service at its best.

    Create a knowledgebase to reduce support queries, save time and be available 24x7.

  • Delight your customers with personalized support.

    Always know your customers before attending to their tickets with our powerful user profile.

Let your visitors and users be heard, send support tickets and capture feedback right away.

A better Helpdesk

Gather Feedback by Categories

Gain customer insights through the feedback widget and improve your product or service.

Helpdesk Inbox

Inbox of support tickets. Filter by categories or by status. Manage feedback and replies.

Route E-mails from support ID

Route all your E-mails from support e-mail ID to Interakt Helpdesk and create tickets automatically.

Set Auto-Responders

Send auto-responder to let your customers know you are working on their query.


Close Tickets Faster

Intuitive UI

An interface that you are already familiar with.

Fast resolutions

Answer accurately and quickly with Canned Responses or insert FAQs.

Live profile

Provide seamless support by knowing your visitors and users history, while supporting them.

Multi-Member support

Add support agents. Everyone collaborates through the Interakt’s App.

A helpdesk that loves you

Reply with Rich-Text editor

Send well formatted replies using rich text editor.

Add Personal Notes

Use Personal Notes for Internal Communications.

Bulk Actions

Assign multiple tickets to a team member, change status or delete them at once.


Put identified E-mail IDs in spam once and we will automate the rest of them for you.


Ease your support experience

Support through Email

Close support tickets right inside your inbox.

Support on Mobile

Support on the go with our Mobile App.


Ensure grammatically correct solutions.

Get Notified

Choose to receive personal notification E-mails for each ticket received with real time status.

Power Ups


Send Auto-Responders to make your customers feel heard.

Canned responses

Reply quicker with canned responses.

Assign to team members

Delegate different helpdesk tickets to team members for quick support.

Add notes

Add personal notes to exchange information between team.

Spell Check

Check spelling and deliver grammatically correct solutions.

E-mail alerts

Receive personal E-mail alerts with real-time ticket status.

Support through mobile

Support on-the-go with our mobile app.

Superfast interface

Close tickets faster with an easy to navigate UI.

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