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Interakt Email

Send effective emails

An email app that converts

  • Keep people engaged through their lifecycle.

    Automate e-mail campaigns or send manual campaigns.

  • Run campaigns that actually get results.

    Target people on basis of previous opens, clicks and others to boost your conversions.

  • Design emails with speed, confidence and ease.

    Choose from a variety of templates, create a new template in our drag-n-drop editor or upload your own HTML.

We setup 3 auto campaigns for you, so you can start engaging new users right away.


Run Automated Campaigns

Setup automated campaigns that are end to end trackable.

Run Manual Campaigns

Run manual campaigns with the click of a button.

Send E-mails to targeted audience

Send e-mails to filtered audience or specific segments.

Run follow up campaigns

Send new campaigns on basis of stats of the previous campaigns.


Rich E-mail Designer

Easy Drag-n-Drop editor

Drag and drop photos and content blocks, so your words and images are exactly where you want them.

Pre-designed templates

Our pre-designed mobile responsive templates are awaiting for your content. Pick one, add your message, tweak the colors, and you're all set.

Test and preview for mobile

Preview desktop and mobile versions side-by-side to make sure they're both in great shape.

Upload or Code your own HTML templates

Go old school in style and code your own HTML template.

Deliver Right E-mail, to right Inbox at the Right Time

Create Custom Segments

Create custom filters to add conditions before starting a campaign.

Build a connection with personalized emails

Add personalized touch to each of your E-mails.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule campaigns for delivery at a later time.


Monitor Campaign Success

Detailed Stats

Find all the relevant stats for all your campaigns.

Subscriber activity reports

Get reports of each subscriber activity like when and where they opened or clicked e-mail and a lot more.


Find out who unsubscribed from your list, and we'll keep track of them so you don’t accidentally send them an E-mail later.

Power Ups

Email Creator

Create your own personlized E-mails according to your taste.

Ready made templates

Choose from 100+ ready-to-send responsive templates for your E-mails.

E-mail automation

Deploy automated e-mail marketing campaigns.

Choose target audience

Segment all your users and target accordingly.

Drag-n-Drop editor

Make creative emails with Drag-n-Drop editor.

Responsive design

Simple, functional and fast UI

Social Sharing

Stay connected to the social media with easy sharing.

Stats and CTR monitoring

Continuously monitor important E-mail marketing metrics.

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